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Crossman Automation provides engineering and manufacturing of Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives for Industrial and Oil field applications. We are a Systems Integrator, offering our standard designs and custom egineered designs, specific to your application and environment. We specialize in PC Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Beam and Rotoflex.


Crossman Automation is a stocking distributor for major motor manufacturers such as: US Motors, Brook Crompton, Elektrim, Parkhaven Industries along with access to several other manufacturers worldwide. With our experience, we can source motors for any industrial or oil field application to meet the required specifications and approvals. As a full Drive Systems Integrator, we can provide a motor to best suit the application and take single source responsibility.


Crossman Automation is a proud stocking distributor of its various lines of LED lighting which include Light Efficient Design, Etlin Daniels and UPPLANDS Energy Inc. Our LED Solutions offer a simple retrofit alternative to total fixture replacement and deliver quick ROI (Return On Investment). Light Efficient Designs SimuLight grow lights provide growers a better solution for reliable and effective agricultural lighting. Our strong product lineup with proven designs and excellent reliability is helping to produce immense savings and reduce overall maintenance in our customers businesses, homes and on-site.


  • Danfoss Soft Starts
  • NEXEN Pneumatic Brakes and Clutches
  • Linear Control Devices
  • Cable and Connection Kits
  • Power Transmission Products
  • Equipment Procurement for Export
  • Industrial and Commercial Heaters
  • Heat Trace
  • PCPM Technology

    The Elliot

    Operate your well in a way that makes sense. PCPump language helps operations program the drive with confidence making use of PCPump settings without complicated drive interfaces. HMI’s have helped operations control complicated equipment by presenting relevant information in an easy to follow format. Crossman Automations Elliot speaks the language of the PCPump world.

    1) ELLIOT PCPM logs and displays data that can be downloaded and interpreted by qualified personal without requiring engineering personal to travel to site. Local operations has the ability to add comments to the historical alarm to help guide engineering to specific points of interest in the data log. Reviewing data can identify pumping issues before more serious conditions occur. This data can lead to an optimal cost benefit analysis of pump replacement scheduling, as opposed to midnight catastrophe scheduling on costly holidays.

    2) ELLIOT PCPM has an algorithm that "looks" at the load on the VFD and adjusts speed when production starts to drop, increases speed if the formation allows as well. By lowering the speed in increments we allow the formation to replenish itself without shutting down the pump. Ultimately, ELLIOT STEPS algorithm hunts for the equilibrium point of the formation. When operated in manual, as many PCP are, the potential of running a pump dry is directly related to the frequency operation personal visits the site. With ELLIOT STEPS enabled, if the formation is incapable of replenishing itself, shut-downs prevent excessive dry run time.

    Many other features ELLIOT PCPM brings to the table can not only save money, but increase production as well.

    1) With the ability to automatically restart the pump, production can resume as soon as possible in the event non-critical shut-downs occur, such as power outages.

    2) In fields where multiple ELLIOTs are running, power outages or brown outs can cause peek demand loading on the grid. An automatic restart delay can be individually adjusted to prevent multiple pump start-ups at once.

    3) A user friendly interface has been a prime design factor in ELLIOT. We believe the intuitive nature that ELLIOT’s screens are designed with, will not only increase the confidence of operations ability to operate the well, but reduce costly commissioning time as well.

    4) SCADA ready seems to be overused in industry, and at Crossman, we are setting the bar with the systems integrator in mind too. Commissioning tools aiding the SCADA integrator to quickly verify point to point, bit to bit communication. This allows for quick integration and confidence in the telemetry received at the host.

    Check out the Fullscreen Video describing Elliot below. If you have any questions regarding Crossman Automation's Elliot, please feel free to contact us!

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  • Export OEMS

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  • Custom VFD Packages
  • Harmonic Filter Solutions
  • Motor Selection
  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Training and Support
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Trouble Shooting and Repair
  • Technology Consulting

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    Engineered Variable Frequency Drives to meet... your custom specifications or Crossman Automation off-the-shelf drive designs.


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  • Field Training and Start-up.
  • Field trouble shooting and repair.
  • Field Survey: establishing solutions.
  • Harmonic and Power quality analysis.
  • Remote Monitoring Survey, SCADA.

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    Our Surplus list is updated often. Motors, Drives, Heaters, Switch Gear Units, accessories...

    Ouellet OAS Suspended Unit Heater


    Ouellet OAS Suspended Unit Heater, 25KW, 85300BTU/hr, 1400cfm, 1/3HP-1725RPM Motor, 480Volt, 3 Phase. Comes with the 24V relay with transformer option.

    Soft Start - 4.16KV

    Allen Bradley

    Quantity 1- 360AMP 4160VOLT Rated Starter Cells. Nema 1 Enclosure ANSI 49 Grey, 36"x36"90", weight 1400lbs. 1200amp horizontal bus 60ka (RMS Symmetrical). Multilin SR469 motor management relay comes with ground fault CT 2000:1. 2KVA CPT with primary and secondary fusing. Currently set up for 1500HP and comes with 19R fuses and 250:5 CTs.

    2000A Transfer Switch

    ASCO 7000 Series

    Automatic Closed Transition Soft Load Transfer and Bypass Isolation Switch. 2000AMP, 480VOLT, 3PHASE, 3 WIRE. Enclosure Type 2, Drip Proof Indoor, seam welded free standing. Dimensions 66x42x90 Inches, Weight 2850LBS. Soft load controller, user control and interface RS 485.

    5KV Cable


    1 Reel - 950 Meters, 3/C 4/0 AWQ 19ST CMPCACT CU, 115 MIL EPR, CU Tape shield (20% OL), 3-#8 AWG CU Grounds, 100 MIL Black PVC Jacket, SMM. 5KV/133%, 8KV/100%. FT4; TC; SUN RES; LTGG. CSA-C68.10. Airguard(R) Cable.
    3 Reels = 375 Meters, 400 Meters, 403 Meters, 3/C 500 KCM 37ST Compact CU, 115 MIL EPR, CU Tape (20%OL), 3-#7 AWG CU Grounds, Filler, Polymeric Armor, 100 MIL Black PVC Jacket, 5KV/133%, FT4-TC-SUN RES-LTGG. CSA C68.10.
    Test Reports Available, steel cable reels included, additional Prep Fees May Apply.

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